#1 No talking when the coach is talking, and pay attention to the coach.

#2 No touching one another.

#3 Do not go on the equipment unless asked to do so.

#4 Have fun!

The underlying principles that govern these four rules are the three R’s.

Respect, Resourcefulness, and Responsibility

The first 'R' Respect, means that KIAGA kids will learn to listen, work together and follow directions. In communicating with the children, KIAGA qualified coaches set easy-to-follow rules that encourage positive social behavior, such as paying attention, maintaining eye contact, and respecting the personal space of other kids. By setting parameters, the coaches make it easier for the kids to know how to behave, which makes them feel more secure.

The second 'R' Resourcefulness, refers to the program’s effort to instill in kids a sense of persistence and achievement. Doing a simple handstand, for example, may seem difficult or even impossible for a 3 year old, until she is encouraged to approach the task step-by-step. The program’s approach is just like building a house, beginning with a strong foundation and building upward.

The final 'R' Responsibility, ties together everything that KIAGA has to offer. In a learning environment that demands physical agility, cognitive reasoning and social interaction, KIAGA kids develop responsibility and self-esteem. The primary benefit that KIAGA aspires to create is a healthier, happier and more self confident child.

All this great instruction happens in our brand new, state of the art gymnastics facility in Barrinton, the best gymnastics facility in the area! Add to this our wonderful, caring, qualified instructors and you get the winning team of KIAGA, Kids In Action Gymnastics Academy.

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